Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Universe and the Mind

The mind seems to be the only biological element that works at an immaterial level. It’s a very sophisticated system capable of storing and interrelating data in order to conceive ideas. Being of an abstract nature, this information escapes the laws of physics. Some experiences suggest that the mind projects itself through the brain and that it could be on a level different from the perceptible reality.

Universe itself seems to base both its cohesion and its entropy on two elements of an unknown nature, which are also alien to everyday reality: dark matter and dark energy. 
The first one makes it possible for matter to hold together and avoid disintegration in space; the second brings about just the opposite and according to some theories it will eventually cause all the existing things' scattering or drifting into uncharted space.
Unlike the above-mentioned elements, the mind is of an intangible nature and manifests in this dimension through the brain but, is it placed in it?

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake suggests that the brain may be a receiver of data from a dimension that is different from the physical one.  Naturally, the receiver might get damaged and be unable to receive the information correctly, and still the source of information wouldn't be affected. On the other hand, today we know that all that seems to exist is inextricably linked. Separation of matter, or rather different concentrations of energy are perceived only at a certain scale.

Nowadays American scientists are drawing a complex three-dimensional map of the universe from the images obtained by the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopy Survey carried on at the Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico. Results give evidence of a wholly interlinked universe.

Clusters of galaxies are joined together forming an intricate network similar to the nervous system’s one. From afar, this structure is perceived as a compact unit. The universe seems to be a massive body of pure energy, made up of matter and the elements that hold it together.  

 A universal mind 

Other studies suggest that quantum particles share information among themselves in such a way that all the existing things make up a large body of data and energy. In short, the structure of nature follows certain patterns sent out over time to give consistent results.  At a biological level, this is fascinating because the information transmitted incorporates continuous variables that modify the genetic code and allow radical structural changes over time. Not only does this make it possible for living organisms to evolve, but it implies that matter receives and processes information from its environment as well, making all the necessary changes in its structure in order to adapt to it.

After putting these ideas and pieces of information together, we may think that perhaps there is a universal mind we share by means of sending and receiving information through the brain. Deeper into this concept, perhaps ourselves as beings are not only in the third dimension. Therefore, our presence in the here and now mightn’t be but the projection of a multidimensional entity manifesting through matter in one of its many aspects. It might even be the universe itself under the guise of different individual units. 
After all, it is totally real that we are interstellar dust wondering about our true nature and destiny, while at least some galaxies and stars are dealing with these same issues at this very moment.

The human network 

There's an increasingly marked tendency among humans to use a collective and global database. Its clearest evidence is the Internet, whose structure makes it possible to build a definite profile of humanity as a distinct entity. Information is transmitted on such a huge scale that it is pushing drastic and irreversible sociocultural changes. Such overwhelming a phenomenon is causing traditional power centres' mass manipulation methods to crumble.

Collective delusion, perfected since the end of the 19th century to sustain inequitable economic and military structures, has begun to sink under the weight of scientific evidence of its failure. Proof of the obsolescence and the irrelevance of the lucrative and consumerist society as a means of social welfare is resonating around the world. The same applies to nationalism, religious dogmatism and all the other forms of ism which favour minorities. In addition to the Internet, we believe that another paradigmatic connection is becoming evident among men and women of the Earth. We believe that this nexus has always existed, but thanks to technology It has more than ever spread and shaped the zeitgeist. In this sense, we’ve seen how different people in different parts of the planet conceive similar ideas and find amazing coincidences when they communicate. The core reason for this may lay on quantum phenomena as part of the above-described universe’s behaviour.  On the other hand, provided that the human race manages to give a great evolutionary leap from all these phenomena, it would totally conform to the behaviour patterns of any colony of living organisms that simply modify their structures to increase their chances of survival as far as possible.

Furthermore, these changes might be a reflection of certain cosmic events facilitated by the transmission of information through the universal mind.  

In conclusion, our unceasing search for answers might lead us to find out that, beyond ourselves, our mind is part of a vast self-aware reality whose components are closely interlinked. A spark of energy which ranges over all the possibilities.

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  1. This is really interesting. Amazing coincidences are happening all the time, it's just a matter of paying attention.
    To the simple user the mere fact of being connected to the Internet implies being part of the universal mind with practically no effort, it's almost as automatically done as having a thought. More and more we seem to be a click away from everything.
    By the way, this is food for thought.