Monday, 13 February 2012

Ghosts's videos: Are they real?

Never before has there been as many available supposedly real videos of ghosts and poltergeists as today. However, it's also true that never before have effects and camera tricks been so easily produced. Is it possible to find anything true in the polemical world of paranormal videos?

The paranormal image's fraud was virtually born along with photography. It's possible to find thousands of obviously homemade montages on the web, which date from the 19th Century and early 20th and simulate apparitions, ectoplasm’s emissions and even dancing fairies. As expected, all the paraphernalia of tricks have improved over time and adapted for the film industry. Technology has made it possible for many of the supposedly strange phenomena to look real. 

There's of course a desire to believing that sometimes leads us into collective delusions, while many people take advantage of our tendency to look for transcendental answers. Either out of sheer fun or self- profit, these people display their material with no regard for the great damage they may eventually cause.

On the one hand, apocryphal videos and other related frauds have a detrimental effect on gullible minds with poor analytical skills which, as a matter of fact, religions have historically taken advantage of.
On the other hand, they interfere in serious research by garbling those few videos and photos that should at least be given the benefit of the doubt.

Chasing after a myth? 

We're somewhat inclined to think that, in our world, the existence of ghosts and related phenomena is highly unlikely. Still, we've heard unsettling stories from people we have no reason to distrust. Consequently, when we think about it, we always leave some room for doubt.

In addition, of the vast collection of videos and pictures found on the web, only very few are worthy of attention, not only by the material itself, but also by its origins or reliable source.
This subject is more slippery and trickier than the UFO phenomenon, whose plausibility more easily relies on logic. Anyway, our poor old ghosts, who used to populate the tales and stories of all times, now occupy but an inch of the overly subdivided land of reason. Together with fairies and pixies, they’ve become fringe elements of modern mystery.

Thus, in order to explain their existence we have to conjure up all sorts of incredible metaphysical arguments, and yet we try to remain open-minded towards them.
There might be a slight chance that past manifested itself in the present, or that beings from other dimensions came into ours; and there might be an even odder chance that someone was able to film some of these phenomena.
On an optimistic view, this could be the origin of the four or five seemingly real videos found on the web.