Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Beliefs and dogmatic approaches in the realm of mystery

There are certainly many universes and uncountable dimensions of reality where both the things we’ve ever imagined and those we’ve never dreamt of exist. After detecting the smallest particle of what we call "matter", we realised that it doesn’t exist as such and all that holds and sustains it is of quite an unknown nature. Therefore, mystery will always outgrow our scarce and modest knowledge, which, though far from negligible, must be necessarily kept in the fragile container of humility.

This beautiful situation moves us to pursue the arcane of knowledge and beyond. Because, rather than pinpointing the existence of things, our issue is to find out how to reach them and determine the connections between them and us as both individuals and species. Furthermore, this premise, in the well-aired environment of an open and receptive mind, has been the key-tool of all the great discoverers throughout history. Most of all we hold that human mind should be free in every sense. Dismissing dogma and absolute truths of any kind, this wonderful tool enables us to find out the true preciousness of existence. Even religious people can be proud of these attributes, because if God do exist, it has created them with a free, continually evolving, analytical, restless, inquisitive and profound mind. Perhaps in its image.

Sectarian views

In the realm of mystery, as in every area of human activity, there have emerged undesirable limitations derived from processes which collided with our freedom of thought.
We've known about some researchers who used to be rational, unbiased and probing and eventually fell prey to inflexibility and dogmatism.
On the other hand, some people's messianic zeal has lured others into a world of self-imposed intellectual precepts and privations. Some have even founded sects while others, though not having founded them, have planted sectarian ideas in their followers.

We think as well that some researchers have fallen prey to ungrounded beliefs out of desperation. Perhaps they were cornered by the lack of evidence and connection between the phenomena they were researching about, thus feeling the urge to "listen to their hearts". The point is that we all seek answers, first, to our frail condition as mortals, and then, to our apparently isolated intellectual capacity as an alien species.
Furthermore, our mental structure and logical thinking make us try to explain everything according to their own mechanisms. However, only a small portion of reality can be explained this way. Whenever we are incapable of fully understanding this, we will choke on our own anthropocentric haze.

The spiritual quest

The same reasons lead some ordinary people to follow spiritual leaders and researchers to bend their research's course. However, only spiritual seekers usually appear as self-centered, while most followers, acolytes and believers choose certain religion or doctrine according to their personal need for solutions. In contrast, for the greatest and truest spiritual quests there is no compensation or reward. The main reason for this is that the spiritual titans have taken a definitive and fundamental step: they have renounced to their individual "self", knowing that they wouldn't earn anything for them in such a hard process.
Sectarian leaders are personifications of the human ego at its most recalcitrant and negative. They certainly deny anything which opposes their personal revelations and knowledge; things they think to have acquired in their capacity as the chosen ones by some deity or brotherhood of superior beings. A free mind will easily spot this kind of people. It simply will ask uncomfortable questions and put forth fringe arguments to the imposed dogma. Surely this will irritate those so-called masters more than anything else.

We don't believe, we do research

The above comes from facts we've verified in the Internet and other mass media. 
We're astonished witnesses of disseminated categorical affirmations about the most striking things by people who can't stand even the slightest disagreement. Even if we knew anything about unimaginable things we'd try to explain them in a subtler way and only after having found out enough. Provided this wasn't possible we'd ease our suspicious minds and invite to pondering and researching.

As it may be inferred from our previous articles, we think that the official media and press don't tell us the whole truth. We encourage to questioning and finding out rather than believing. Let's keep ourselves away from the dogmatic sceptical and the "enlightened masters"' lasso. The fact is that human beings are of a free kind and don't want to be enslaved. If we go deep enough into our true nature certainly we'll find out this is our essence's main element.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Faster than the Speed of Light?

Scientists from CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) discovered, within the framework of OPERA (Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus), a type of particles called neutrinos which appear to travel faster than the speed of light. Provided that this is proved, it will revolutionise the scientific world and our perception of the universe.

This news might be the most relevant of the last few millennia. Moreover, it might wholly or partially debunk Albert Einstein's theory and even make it possible to send information to the past. However, it has barely headlined in the media.

The announcement was made after conducting 16,000 tests where neutrinos travelled faster than 299,792 km per second. Even so, scientists responsible for the project have counselled caution and asked the scientific community for support to carry out new experiments whether to back or refute their claims.

Imagination commands!

Many Sci-Fi writers have speculated about this possibility that nowadays is likely to become reality. Travelling faster than the speed of light would be exciting due largely to its potential for building a bridge to the past, with all that it implies. Furthermore, we would be able to move to and fro the space-time line, perhaps not physically but as virtual information units.

Not only is this a big moment for scientists but also for artists and dreamers, since the latter have always predicted discoveries and achievements in mysterious ways. Could it be possible that they receive information from the future?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Alien contact

From George Adamski to the present, there have been many people who affirm to have had direct contact with creatures from outer space.
Adamski was the pioneer of this trend. After him there came more or less original variants, most of them aligned with similar basic principles. Those who claim to have had contact with aliens also use to claim that they received a message for humankind, mostly in the form of catastrophic warnings about the dangerous course our civilisation has taken and its likely outcome.

The religious factor

After Adamski, Eugenio Siracusa, Giorgio Bongiovani, Sixto Paz and other alien-contacted people have gradually added to their experiences elements from the Christian cosmogony. They also identify contacted aliens as the ancient biblical angels -divine agents to the Lord of the Universe and servants of Jesus and Mary.

After these great leaders of the alien contact -which since then was of a spiritual nature-, thousands of people in the world affirmed to have had similar enlightening experiences. We have even known some of them in person.

Trying to remain respectful to those people’s claims and at the same time faithful to our rational approach, we have to admit our suspicions about such phenomenon. We don’t intend to categorise anyone as liars or storytellers, but we still have the right to query their claims.

Lack of evidence

Alien contact has lacked factual evidence to support its actuality ever since the first recorded experience. In addition, for visitors from outer space proving that they are aliens would be as easy as showing us extraterrestrial material or technology we hadn’t heard of before. They might show contacted people evidence as to the accuracy of the string theory or whether gravitons exist. Both questions keep scientists up at night and proving them would radically revolutionise human knowledge.

On the other hand, assuming that aliens want to give a message to humanity, there are more effective ways than tormenting poor individuals in the middle of the night, blinding them with lights and special effects. With their advanced technology, extraterrestrial visitors could easily make use of international T.V. or radio networks to let us know their concerns and prove that they are real.
They could visit every city to talk directly with its citizens. They could stop all wars, feed all the hungry people, unmask all the corrupt systems etc. Thus, the phenomenon would be undeniable. Their message would be so powerful that everybody would be talking only about it.

Another worrying question is the irrefutable legitimacy of the Judaeo-Christian set of beliefs by the supposed aliens. Though deliberately avoiding polemical details, it’s worth mentioning that the history of both Christianity and the Catholic Church has been shaped throughout centuries by subsequent contributions that were initially derived from the syncretic tendency of the Roman Empire, who claimed credit for the idea. These contributions went on in the Middle Ages and later.

How is it possible that a decision made by an emperor or a pope to their own benefit is considered a universal truth? What about Buddhists, Shinto, Hindus and followers of other religions? Do they belong to a different universe?

Evidence on production

Those who are supposedly in touch with aliens show self-written material that they affirm to have received by means of mental channelling, which in turn is utterly ineffective to prove what they say. They also arrange appointments with lights in the sky so that others can see them. Unfortunately, this might be only a trick employing, for instance, luminous dummy aircrafts remotely operated from somewhere on the ground. Other people state to have subcutaneous implants, many of which, upon analysis, have proved to be of a terrestrial origin. In other words, there is no factual evidence of this phenomenon.


We don’t deny the existence of alien contact nor do we doubt anybody’s words. However, as humans we understand and accept things according to our nature. If anybody wants to tell us anything, he will have to adapt his message to our mental capacities and structures. For the time being this hasn’t happened, so the message remains unclear, which is absolutely appalling, since things seem to worsen and some help wouldn’t come amiss.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Our daily UFO

This video was shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on last 11th September. We picked it out as an example from the hundreds found in the Internet about unidentified flying objects.

Many of those objects might be dummies, others are obvious plastic bags that some people insist on calling "changing UFOs"; while it is possible that just a few are really luminous flying objects whose characteristics make them difficult to explain.

Saying that the phenomenon does exist is quite an issue, but it truly does and nowadays is hardly denied. Most of us have seen it sometime. However, we are as intellectually honest as to admit that we have no idea about its true nature.
We also believe to have arrived at elemental and logical conclusions as to identify our sightings as UFOs.

Basic thoughts

A luminous object moving erratically isn’t a satellite. If it suddenly changes speed or turns -or if it stays suspended in air- it’s neither a plane, nor a shooting star or space debris. It simply is a UFO.
By then we may have entered the wonderful world of hypothesis. Logic tells us to consider a terrestrial origin prior to anything else. This includes secret technology, drones, remotely operated aircrafts and lastly, means of transport of some unknown and supposedly human intelligence which shares planet earth with us without us knowing about it.

Then, to our fantastically inclined nature’s delight, we may indulge in thoughts about aliens, interdimensional visitors and humans from the future, just to mention some of the most succulent examples.

Notwithstanding the above, the plain and harsh truth is that we don’t know anything except that they appear and move.

In upcoming posts we will be talking about those who claim to be in touch with aliens. It’s a wide-ranging issue.