Thursday, 29 September 2011

Behind the veil of days

Mysterious lights up in the sky aren't quite necessary. Voices from beyond the grave aren't essential to fill us with anxiety and suspicion, neither apparitions nor things which move by themselves are. At most they are slips, exceptions, programme failures.

What does matter -what lurks- is that disturbing and grotesque normality which remains silent. Though dull-looking, such prosaic a matter conceals a threat. Mystics scented its falsehood, science flatly proved it.

It is pure illusion, given that, behind it, something formless controls our world and maybe even the Universe.

It obviously doesn't especially love or hate us, nor does it care about our false freedom. There is only one thing I find strange and off script: we're finding out.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Is there a conspiracy against humankind?

What started off as a concern among few people -often labelled as paranoid nuts- is today a current of opinion throughout the world which makes even its detractors shudder.

Realising the matrix

For some mysterious reason the film Matrix spread an utterly odd message throughout the world: reality is not what it seems, somebody controls it and uses us to his own ends. The Truman Show had been released the previous year in much the same vein.
Some people who were deemed as restless minds by others started linking events and putting two and two together, and thus they ended up convincing themselves that something similar to those films’ plots was in fact happening.
It could be argued that such line of reasoning is the typical developing stage of paranoia, or that many people canalise their frustration towards a figment of their imagination that accounts for the intrinsic injustice of our life on Earth. It could even be claimed that such phenomenon is some sort of update on a demonic force as the world’s ruler or a new version of the Gnostic demiurge. 

The link with power

Most of the people who support such ideas maintain that those in power are in fact the servants of that hidden force which controls everything. They claim that influential people act on strict directives from those mysterious oppressors with the aim of subduing humanity to their own advantage. According to a widespread trend, entities hidden behind reality feed on things such as suffering, fear and horror.

E pur si muove!

Reason may put forward many arguments against such seemingly far-fetched conjectures. However, the former would only be fairly acceptable if the world we know from evidence and experience was different from this place of conflict, where a few benefit from the exploitation of the majority population; a place where such irrational things as war are crafted by organisations of supposedly well-educated and renowned people.

Governments seem determined to rule against their people, banks to ruin their lives and industries, the environment, with the endorsement of those mentioned in the first place.

On the other hand, international organisations end up pestering those whom they should have helped. So, is it really far-fetched to think that there is a conspiracy against humanity? 
Rich and powerful people’s behaviour contradicts all logic. They are supposedly determined to selfishly enjoy their wealth. However, to do so, they need somewhere to live, which is undoubtedly placed on planet earth, whose environment they are ruining. Is it reasonable for anyone to be willing to enjoy their wealth among general sadness and unhappiness? Who is poisoning their own banquet? Who insists on policies which will ruin not their own grandchildren’s world but their own children’s? From each and every point of view, such behaviour is that of someone whose life does not depend on our planet like ours or simply does not belong to it.

We don’t intend to call the attention of pseudo-saints and wild-eyed mystics. We would like academics from all fields to study this question, since it is the most important one in our history. Species do not annihilate themselves. Such behaviour contradicts the most basic natural laws. Therefore, we deem it necessary to at least take into account the hypothesis that enemies of humankind are among us.