Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Unifiers

Many eons from the sun's death and the extinction of the planetary system, descendants of humans were tall, translucent and brilliant creatures. Their colonies spread through at least seven dimensions with explored events' trajectories. The point in space where former humans were predators had long gone. Creatures resulting from their evolution modified their genes and atomic structure. Now their subsistence depended on stellar energy and their main goal was the unification of all the conscious beings.
They also tried to fix the outcome of the primitive past, so they decided to create intelligent lizards -who had extinguished by revenge of human ancestors-, with their own genetic material.
To spare these lizards their old suffering, they designed less aggressive, more sensitive and emotionally complex reptiles, which populated new worlds where they collaborated in brotherhood with the new humans. 
They also restored many races and helped others along their evolution and well-being.
Each civilization also received the overarching book which described the primordial light.
After accomplishing all that in a vast area of the universe new humans would leave matter and their minds would unify as a single creative force.

Going on our imaginative science fiction's account, we'd reach further in space and time. This short piece of writing explores the limits of idealization. It also tells about the success of the most noble feelings, channelled into the commitment of a future civilisation that is practically unthinkable in the primitive present. Power of creation and destruction is inherent to us and maybe some day we'll decide to become "massive creation weapons".

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