Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Our daily UFO

This video was shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on last 11th September. We picked it out as an example from the hundreds found in the Internet about unidentified flying objects.

Many of those objects might be dummies, others are obvious plastic bags that some people insist on calling "changing UFOs"; while it is possible that just a few are really luminous flying objects whose characteristics make them difficult to explain.

Saying that the phenomenon does exist is quite an issue, but it truly does and nowadays is hardly denied. Most of us have seen it sometime. However, we are as intellectually honest as to admit that we have no idea about its true nature.
We also believe to have arrived at elemental and logical conclusions as to identify our sightings as UFOs.

Basic thoughts

A luminous object moving erratically isn’t a satellite. If it suddenly changes speed or turns -or if it stays suspended in air- it’s neither a plane, nor a shooting star or space debris. It simply is a UFO.
By then we may have entered the wonderful world of hypothesis. Logic tells us to consider a terrestrial origin prior to anything else. This includes secret technology, drones, remotely operated aircrafts and lastly, means of transport of some unknown and supposedly human intelligence which shares planet earth with us without us knowing about it.

Then, to our fantastically inclined nature’s delight, we may indulge in thoughts about aliens, interdimensional visitors and humans from the future, just to mention some of the most succulent examples.

Notwithstanding the above, the plain and harsh truth is that we don’t know anything except that they appear and move.

In upcoming posts we will be talking about those who claim to be in touch with aliens. It’s a wide-ranging issue.

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  1. I look forward to the upcoming posts.